COVID-19: Patients’ Safety First

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has affected millions of people globally. Governments, public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare and research organizations are pursuing the common purpose to contain further spread and develop safe and effective treatment and preventive measures at the earliest.

Currently, there are no specific vaccines, biologics or drugs for prevention or treatment for COVID-19. Multiple therapeutic modalities including vaccines, immunomodulators and drugs are being investigated at a large scale for potential effectiveness against the virus. The pandemic paradigm requires multiple activities to be conducted at financial risk to developers and manufacturers and without knowing whether the vaccine candidate will be safe and effective. Effective benefit risk analysis of these therapies acts as a backbone to ensure fast track movement of the product across various stages from clinical trials to commercialization.

APCER Life Sciences is committed to the safety of its people and is prepared to support companies dedicated towards developing vaccines and treatments for this disease.

Our response to COVID-19

Safety of APCER Global Teams

In response to the ongoing pandemic, we have undertaken a wide range of measures to ensure safety of our people and well-being while ensuring business continuity and deliver the same level of service quality to our clients.

We remain committed to deliver Assurance services and help our customers achieve their goals towards patient safety.

Business Continuity – An Agile Approach

We are committed to deliver high quality assurance services ensuring Operational Excellence and Customer Delight. The transformation journey of ensuring Anywhere, Anytime, Availability that we started a few years ago is being activated on all fronts, including but not limited to culture, people, processes, technology and systems.

An integrated approach to Vaccine Pharmacovigilance

Our experienced teams support Pharmaceutical companies in accelerating their planning and execution phases of vaccine development life cycle.

How can we work together for better health?

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