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Specialized REMS Contact Center

The REMS contact center is managed by a highly specialized team of healthcare professionals at APCER. We can handle all aspects of the REMS program or some of its components in accordance with the sponsor’s procedures. Our MI team also manages patient support programs, post-authorization registries, and compassionate use programs.

General Program Inquiries Support

We have well-trained REMS contact center teams that can handle most routine program inquiries. In addition, we have the capability to provide support for regular refresher trainings for REMS program.

Enrollment Support

We assist patients/pharmacists/physicians with enrolling/registering into the REMS program. These inquiries are handled and documented appropriately by the team. Enrollment forms can also be received via faxes and emails and processed via the REMS portal by the team.

Knowledge Assessment Support

The APCER team handles calls and resolves technical queries related to knowledge assessment. Also, the team can receive prescribing and pharmacist knowledge assessment forms via email/fax, process the documents, and upload them to the REMS portal.

REMS Dispense Authorization

The team handles and resolves dispense authorization inquiries routinely. The team can also provide dispense authorization through the REMS portal if all criteria are met.

Miscellaneous Inquiries

We can also handle other miscellaneous inquiries, including the following calls related to:

  1. Technical issues
  2. Change in authorized representative requests
  3. Appropriate triage and handling of misdirected Medical Information Responses (MIRs), Adverse Events (AEs), and Product Quality Complaints (PQCs).
    • Calls related to the change in authorized representative requests
    • Appropriate triage and handling of misdirected MIRs, AE & PQCs

How can we work together for better health?

How can we work together for better health?

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