Medical Inquiries

APCER’s Integrated Response Center is staffed with healthcare professionals to receive, triage, and respond to telephone calls, emails, and faxes requesting information about medical products.

Product Complaints

APCER integrates with your processes for handling product quality complaints, such as delivering instructions for return and cross-referencing the appropriate quality systems to ensure compliance.

Standard Response Letters

APCER develops and delivers standard responses, including FAQs and answers, and forwards standard response letters as appropriate.

Customized Responses

The APCER team is medically qualified to perform literature surveillance and develop customized, compliant responses to medical inquiries from health care professionals.

Medical Information Systems

APCER’s solutions include the hosting of industry-leading MedInfo systems or accessing our clients’ systems to integrate with their processes .

Medical Information Websites

APCER extends the reach of the medical information function by building websites for self-service request and delivery of standard responses.

We work together

We're very happy and pleased with the relationship and completely satisfied with APCER’s speed of responsiveness, the quality of work produced, and their flexibility to meet our specific needs.

- Medical Director, US-based specialty pharmaceutical company

We selected APCER because they were an all-encompassing services provider in that they were able to help us with pharmacovigilance, both in the U.S. and in Europe, as well as Medical Information. They had QPPVs on staff and did not have to subcontract to fill that requirement. The most important attributes we look for are commitments to compliance, quality, and client relations, and we are completely satisfied with APCER in these areas. We have a wonderful relationship with them.

- Director, Pharmacovigilance, Biopharmaceutical company

Together, a professional response

APCER Life Sciences provides Medical Information services through its Integrated Response Center, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Integrated Response Center is staffed exclusively with healthcare professionals at all times to receive, triage, and respond to telephone calls, emails, and faxes requesting information about medical products.
Whether a medical inquiry, product complaint, or adverse event report is from a physician, pharmacist, patient, caregiver or pharmaceutical representative, every member of APCER’s team understands and appreciates the need for a balanced response within a regulated environment. We work together with you to ensure that anyone who contacts your company is able to make an informed decision regarding the use of your product.


Together for accurate and reliable medical information


Together, an efficient solution

APCER provides end-to-end medical information, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, medical device, and consumer products. With in-house, highly skilled healthcare professionals around the globe, APCER customizes a solution to meet your budget and fit your culture.