APCER life sciences recognized as Top 10 Compliance Consulting/Services Companies-Pharma Tech Outlook, (2019)

We are proud to announce that APCER Life Sciences has been selected as one of the Top 10 Compliance Consulting/Services Companies-by Pharma Tech Outlook, (2019)!

In addition to winning this award, Pharma Tech Outlook magazine has featured an interview with Mr. Kunwar B Kishore Arora, Global Chief Operating Officer, APCER Life Sciences. They have presented a comprehensive view about APCER as one of the leading firm that is committed to helping pharma organizations to deliver compliant products that meet industry’s regulatory requirements.

Pharma Tech Outlook is a monthly publication that has been a pioneer in bringing forth real-world solutions, news, product trends, solutions and many more to the subscribers. It has contributors from the most established organizations and institutions who have been presenting their viewpoint from market standpoint.


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