18th Pharmacovigilance 2019; 27-28 February 2019; London, UK

Ensuring safer drugs to market by analyzing latest developments in pharmacovigilance, drug safety and risk management.


Global pharmacovigilance market is expected to reach USD 5.51 billion by 2020. Increasing incidence rates of adverse drug reaction and the introduction of stringent drug safety regulations are some key drivers of this market. ADR is responsible for approximately 5% of the hospitalization in developed countries annually, and this is expected to boost usage rates over the next six years. PV has witnessed a significant rise in usage rates in the recent times owing to growing global geriatric population triggering a growth in demand for new drug development. Additionally, health regulatory authorities such as the U.S. FDA and EMEA are now emphasizing on electronic submission of data which is also expected to drive the pharmacovigilance market.
18th Annual Pharmacovigilance 2019 brings together top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and regulatory representatives under one roof that will address the key issues of the industry.  The entire program will cover the detection, analysis and prevention of adverse drug reactions with the help of case studies and industry experiences.
Join us at the conference to know more about solutions to key issues through our APCER capabilities from our experts.