The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the communities, countries and businesses in the most profound way that humanity has witnessed in decades. International health agencies, governments, healthcare workers and volunteers have come together to fight and prevent further spread of the disease.

Biopharmaceutical companies are working hard to find potential treatments for this virus. The regulatory agencies are also working closely with biopharmaceutical companies to enable accelerated approvals for candidate treatments.

Till date, no specific anti-viral/any other drug has been approved for the treatment of COVID-19. However, there is an increasing number of investigational drugs/vaccines which are in various phases of trials & clinical development that have shown efficacy in treatment of the disease.

The Coronavirus Pandemic – A Scientific Review of the Current State of Knowledge is our contribution to the ongoing scientific research, analysis and ongoing drug/treatment investigations. Purpose of this document is to aid the scientific and medical communities with a comprehensive dossier of information relating to the structure and pathophysiology of COVID-19; clinical features and diagnosis of the virus; preventive and management strategies being adopted; and various drug and vaccine candidates being investigated for treatment as on date.

In our unwavering pursuit to patient safety, we continue to support companies dedicated towards developing therapies for pandemic. As the quest for finding a treatment of COVID-19 continues, our team of medical experts will be closely monitoring the scientific developments happening around the globe and provide updates through this comprehensive document at regular intervals.

Our endeavor will be to ensure that the intended audience of this report benefits from the comprehensive scientific information available on COVID-19. We believe exchange of information can lead to breakthrough ideas needed for Patient Safety and betterment of the society.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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